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Can I wear contacts after a lasik surgery?
My vision is so bad and I want to have Lasik surgery for permanent clear sight.but I like wearing contacts to make my eyes look is it possible to wear colored contacts after a lasik surgery?
Joshua?arnold 04/25/2012

Why is UV protection coating is so important?
Adam 01/19/2019

How do I know if my sunglasses are polarized?
Is there obvious characteristics of polarized lenses? How do they look in comparison with normal lenses?.
walkaboutpnw 04/17/2012

What is the difference between a contact lens prescription and glasses prescription?
I was asked to have an eye exam for contacts,but I just had one for my glasses.The doctor said they need the prescription for contacts.What is the difference between them?
Dylan 04/30/2012

Should the degree of contact lenses be the same with my eyeglasses?
Quiiyter 12/29/2018