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Do girls find men who black glasses cool or unattractive?

Hey, girls, do you think men in black glasses look attractive or unattractive? Why?
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  • Isabel


    You know black glasses are a new born fashion trend here nowadays. And the black color will be the forever classic style. So as a girl, I think it's cool! And if you have a copper-colored face with strong muscle in your arms that will be wonderful appearance for girl's screaming! However, if you have a introvert characters, with thin frame, I strongly not to recommend you to wear such kind of popular glasses. That will make you feels rigid and weird. Well, I have to say this; handsome gay will always has the advantages to wear every fashionable staff. You would judge yourself then make your own decision.


    It depends if your face is attractive? I personally really like the man who wear black glasses,that%u2019s look very hot.
  • Vidadimir


    This is really an ambiguous question, because different people hold different opinion on that. As to this question, you gotta take several factors into account. Firstly, what kind of girls are you talking about, youngsters or women? Secondly, what is the style of the man who wears black glasses, the overall appearance plays an important part! Anyway, men with black glasses tend to give people a sense of intelligence. And lots of girl around me find those guys attractive!
  • Charley


    In my own opinion, the man wearing the black eyeglasses looks cool, especially for those who are wearing the big frame eyeglasses. The color of black will leave the impression of calmness to people. And the black eyeglasses stand for the popular trend today. I think wearing them is pretty cool.
  • Barry


    You should know that it all depends on different person and different tastes. Some people will think the black glasses are very cool because of the dark color. On the other hand, many people also don't like the black ones. They would like men who wear glasses with the warm colors such as orange. It makes them more attractive and fashionable. In my opinion, when you choose a pair of glasses, the first thing you should consider is to make sure what type will fit you. That's the important issue.