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How to remove eye cysts in children?

I find my kids got eye cysts. I am trying to help him get rid of that. Any idea? How can i help her remove that?
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  • george


    The reason of cysts is caused by congestion of meibomian gland. There has two ways to treat this symptom, one is medicine care and the other is surgery. The medicine one, you can use ethacridine lactate to hot compress, use sterile gauze to soak the ethacridine lactate solution, if the child will not allergic to this medicine, you can use it apply to kid’s eyes for half hours five or less times per day. A hot towel would be covered on the surface of the gauze. Erythromycin Eye Ointment also would be lay over the eyes after hot compress done. If the method would not affect even run a fever or headache, your kid must need a surgery, a small surgery just like a injection. Several minutes will be enough for the process, about two weeks the eyes will recover with no sequela.


    Cyst drug can't be eliminated. Only through the surgical excision can the cysts be cured which will not affect vision. If cysts continue to increase, the oppression from eye to eye will influence the development and cause vision dysplasia. You'd better take your kids to go to hospital and see the doctor.
  • Richard Schneider


    Don't worry, most type of the eye cysts go away on their own over time, so just on patient and wait it go away, and you known what, one of the biggest causes for eye cysts is bacteria, so keep your children's hands and fingers, and the area around the eyes clean at all times, and tell them try their best not to touch or rub their eyes at all.