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What are the best sunglasses for boating?

I like to play boating. Can you tell me what are the best sunglasses for boating? I want to buy one pair to shield my eyes.
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  • lampo


    From your question, I can guess you are a guy who loves boating very much. Yes, I know you need to protect your eyes while boating. According to the experts, when you are boating, you have better choose the brand polarized sunglasses which will help you enjoy more during boating. A popular brand, like Oakley or Costa Del Mar, will protect your eyes from the glare coming off the surface of the water and also provide 100% UV protection, as a matter of the fact, you can see clearly. Besides, if you need the sunglasses with prescription, you can have a try with Costa Del Mar Eliminator and the Costa Del Mar Pescadores because the frame work well for you, for instance, on the surface of the frame, they have a relatively flat front surface that is ideal for prescription lenses. Besides, the frames are very adjustable by a competent optometrist or optician, so the sunglasses can fits the people with different face.
  • Katelyn


    When you are boating, there must be some reflected strong sunlight from the water waves. You'd better choose the polarized sunglasses which may help you filter some unnecessary lights. About the polarized sunglasses, you can choose among the several big brands which may have the credit guarantee. If you want to pay the suitable price, you can go to the Walmart to have a look.