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Ariana kirk


Is it safe to get laser eye surgery to remove eye floaters

I just wonder if laser eye surgery can remove eye floaters. Will it be safe if i accept laser eye surgery for removing eye floaters?
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  • Jeff


    I want to tell you that the laser eye surgery can help you remove the eye floaters. Pls notice I do not mean that you must have the laser eye surgery if you have floaters, because it will count on whether your floaters are worse or not. You know if your floaters are not serious, you can take some other ways to treat. Here I want to recommend you the can eat some useful medication to make it, such as the Ruta grav which strengthens and repairs connective tissue as well as helping with floaters. Of course, if you really think the eye floaters alloy you and your life, then you can think about the laser eye surgery. If you decide to do it, you should follow the tips from your doctor, including before the surgery and after the surgery. After that, I think you should learn to protect your eyes, because it will be more difficult to treat after the surgery if your eyes are ill again.
  • Johane


    If you just want to remove the eye floaters in your eyes, there is no need to accept the laser eye surgery. Myopia laser surgery, also called excimer laser surgery, bases on the matrix of phototropism cutting with excimer laser corneal flap to reduce the pupil corneal curvature which can get the purpose of correcting myopia. While the floaters are caused by the unhealthy use of eyes which can be treated with the eyedrops and the good rest.
  • Rebecca


    The overall success rate when we treat a floater with the laser is about 92 per cent. However, the rate varies according to the type of floater. For the 8 per cent of patients who reported no improvement, there was no evidence that a procedure had been performed and no harm was done.
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