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Is it possible to get a tattoo on your eyeball?

Just want to know if it possible to get a tattoo on your eye ball without hurt your eyes?
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  • Makayla


    LOL. I want to tell you it is possible to get a tattoo on your eyeball, but I do not know why you want to take this danger. As far as I know, some eye doctors will refuse to give a healthy person the tattoo, unless the peoples have suffered some kinds of the eye trauma, since the doctor know there are too many risks involved in the procedure, such as the blindness, infection, scarring and so on. If you are a unlucky guy who suffered the eye trauma, of course, there are still some ways to make it; for instance, you should ask your doctor, then talk with the professionals with the technicians so that your eyes will be safe. At last, you can use a patch and use antibiotic drops to take care of your eyes and the tattoo. Hope everything is Ok with you.
  • gerard


    Of course you can not do it. Definitely it will hurt your eyeball. What's more, it may make your eye become blind. As we know that a tattoo is made by a sharp tool like the knife which can hurt your eyeball seriously. And when having the tattoo, the worker will use fire to warm the knife. At the same time, there are many chemical materials which are used to heal the wooden part. Just image it, you can know how terrible it will be. So just don't do that.
  • James


    Wow, it sounds so dangerous. I just heard that tatoo is gotten on the body part which will make you feel painful during the process. However, if you want to show the charming part of your eyes and make them show the colorful picture, you may use the contact lenses which may be designed with pictures. And about the tattoo, you'd better ask the professional optician which may answer you this technology.
  • Zoe Wang


    wow, I can not believe it. I think getting a tattoo on a person's eyeball is so dangerous. You can try some other places such as arms or legs.
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