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Is honey good for eye infection ?

Honey is a good thing for our body and it is also an good food. I wonder will it do some good for eye infection? And how?
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    Yeah, you are right, and honey is a good thing for our body and it is also a good food. Meanwhile, when your eyes are infected, honey is a good medication. As we all know, eye infections are caused because of the bacteria, virus or microbiological agent. Then according to the expert, honey, which has antibacterial properties and acts as a humectant, will eliminate the infection and provide soothing relief. If your eye infection is a little serious, you can mix equal parts honey with distilled or boiled water to make a solution (pls note the distilled or boiled water is to make sure that there is no bacteria in water), you can put the solution around your eyes, which will be helpful. Of course, honey can be used in other ways to cure the eye infection.
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    Yes, it works for treating eye infection. Honey has antibacterial properties and is recognized as a humectant. It can clear the eye infection and provide soothing relief. It can be used in several ways to treat eye infection. You can either mix honey with boiled water to make a solution, and apply on the eye by using a Q-tip. Or you can leave the soaked cotton ball on your eye to make more effectiveness. Another effective way is applying one to two drops of honey directly to your eye without diluting it. It can collect dirt or discharge and be eliminated by natural tearing.


    Honey is really a good food which may increase your immune system of body, keep your stomach and liver good and so on. In a word, it has many functions for your body keeping which may indirectly do good for your eyes. Drinking honey water may moisture your eyes and bright your eyes. Once your eyes get infected, you'd better keep it avoid from the dryness.

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