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Jason warren


How to get contact lenses to stay in place?

I find my contact lenses often get out of its place. some times, they even go in the corner of my eyes. It is terrible. IS there any way to help me keep contact lenses stay in place?
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  • Eric Zago


    Yeah, you are right to ask this question here, because I am new to contact lenses and my eye doctor just told me how to keep my lenses in place. Now I will share the tips with you. First of all, you know when you buying the lenses, you will buy the solution, yeah, the solution plays a role in it. As you know, there are some water (or called tears) in our eyes, and when we are put in our contacts in, water molecules attached in the lenses are attracted to each other so the tears in your eyes can help you keep the contacts in place; that is why you should put some eye drop if your eyes are dry. Besides, when you put the lenses in your eyes (the lenses will stick to your), then a mild vacuum is formed holding the contact to the eye avoiding any movement of the eye. Pls keep in mind avoid rubbing the eyes as much as possible while wearing contact lenses.
  • Melissa


    Some people have problems of the movement of contact lenses. First, what you need to do is to check if the contact lens is on the reverse side. If it is not, you have some troubles. Contact lens is designed to move allowably with accurate size. The increased degree and the change of eyeballs may influence comfortable sensation with the lens. Contact your doctor to choose a suitable one. Dry eyes can also result in the problem. In such things, I suggest you to stop wearing till your condition gets better.
  • James green


    There must be the problem that the shape of your eyeballs is not suitable with that of the contact lenses. That is why the contact lenses often get out of its place. You'd better change the new, with the right circle size with your eyeballs. If not, your eyes will feel uncomfortable. What's more, the cornea may get infection because of the lack of oxygen.

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