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Should i wear my glasses all the time if i'm nearsighted?

I am nearsighted and got a pair of prescription eyeglasses. I don't like to wear glasses. Should i wear my eyeglasses all the time? Or can i wear it when i need it?
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  • Chris L.


    No, you should not wear the eyeglasses all the time for it will damage your eyes and also lead to many diseases. Just wear them when you need them. And you can do something to improve your sight. As we know that the myopia problem is a big problem which often makes many people inconvenient in daily life. So it's important to prevent it as soon as possible According to doctor's suggestions, there are many things we can do. For example, you should try not to read for extreme lengths of time. Consuming lots of eye-healthy vitamins is also very helpful. Doing your reading or focusing in a well-lit room will well for your eyes. on the other side, if you have a problem or pain in your eyes , you'd better go to the hospital first ,only in that way can you make sure if your eyes have a disease or not.
  • Rebecca


    Some people, and even some optometrists, believe that using glasses for nearsightedness when they are not really necessary might encourage nearsightedness to worsen. There is probably no conclusive evidence for this, but if you want to take the precaution then do so.
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  • Theresa M


    You should wear them during your working or school time. If you have slightly myopia that you only need glasses for seeing objects far away, you don't need them for reading and desk work. If you have a moderate and serious myopia, you should also wear them for helping you to see objects nearby. Due to you have a pair of prescription glasses, which would correct your vision when you are wearing them, and wouldn't make you uncorrected vision better or worse without wearing them. And you remember to take your glasses off to rest your eyes frequently during working or school time.
  • jin zhiyang


    It is depend on the condition of your eyes. if you are a low nearsighted man,it means your eyes nearsight less than 300 can wear your glass when you need it ,At the same tiome,if you do some exercise without your glasses it will be better for your vision.but if your nearsight more than 300 .We suggest that you should wear your glasses all the time which will protect your eyes at the most extent. We hope your vision will be more better in the future. we will do our best to help you.
  • sam


    It totally depends on your prescription. there is no need to wear your glasses all the time if you feel happy enough without them. You would get most benefit from wearing them for far distances, like cinema, sports events, TV and so on.
  • Zoe may


    Of course, you have to wear the eyeglasses when you need to see things. You are nearsighted which means that your prescription is high. You'd better wear it all the time except the sleep. However, if you think the eyeglasses affect your appearance and comfort, you may take the contact lenses into consideration.

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