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Kimberly quick


how to stop eye tics in children?

My kids got eye tic. Please help. What should i do to help him stop the eye tic? Any suggestion?
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  • marvina


    Yeah, eye tic, which is a common name, is uncomfortable twitching of the eyelid. According to pros, the eye tic is also name blepharospasm or fasciculation, which will affect the upper or down eyelid. So many humans want to find the right way to stop it, especially the children's eye tic. Here I will tell you some useful wayside to stop it, and all of them work well because I have tried with them. 1. Try with warm or cold compresses, which will sooth the muscles around the eyes. You know warmth can increase blood flow to the area, while cold reduces it. 2. Try to avoid the bright light and make your kids' eyes have a rest, which will help the eyes work well later. 3. You can buy some eye drops to moisten tired eyes. As we all know, any activity requiring much visual focus will make the eyes dry, which tends to make people stare for a long time without blinking. Then the eye tic will have a date with your kids. Hope you and your kid's fine.
  • creepozoid


    If you or the people around you have suffered this kind of symptoms unfortunately, you don't need to worry about. Maybe if you take the following methods, eye tic will be quickly eliminated. First of all, you should not be panic, but try to relax which will make the eyes get sufficient rest. Secondly, you have to learn how to massage, which can help to relieve the blood. In addition, if you can, try to make the current bilberry or black berry powder. They are absolutely priceless for eye blood vessels. Finally, if it does not ease in a short time, you'd better go to see a doctor.