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What should i wear with nerd glasses?

What to wear with nerd glasses to make me look good? Any suggestion, your answer will be appreciated.
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  • clur_08


    The nerd glasses become more and more popular these days. What you wear should be in harmony with its trend. In addition, you should also take the color of the nerd glasses into consideration. The color of the clothes you wear should be in the same color series with that of nerd glasses. If the nerd glasses are black, they may not stress for the color of the clothes. At last, whatever the leisure clothes or the formal wear you wear, they all match with nerd glasses.
  • Erin rupert


    Nerdy style glasses are easy to match your clothes. If you want to get a sweet and nice look, you can wear a flowers dress and pair of colored shoes. If you want to look mature, you can little suits. Besides, you can also just wear a white t-shirt and worn out jeans for a rock look. In fact, what should you wear depend on what type of person you are.