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Sherri H


Where are tom ford sunglasses made?

Do you know where are tom ford sunglasses made? Will it be made in China?
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  • Rick Johnson


    According to the name of the sunglasses, we know clearly that it is named after a famous and fashion designer all over the world. I have seen the Tom Ford sunglasses in the supermarket and they are really fantastic. Then I learnt its origin, and I got the fact that Tom Ford sunglasses are produced under license by the Marcolin, who are based in Italy. Now I think you should know that where the Tom Ford sunglasses are from--yeah, they are made in Italy. Actually, some time the foreign brand can also be made in China, because you know there is term called OEM (original equipment manufacturer). As a result of the fact, you surely should not be surprised when you see the Tom Ford sunglasses which are made in China.
  • cheesykittycat


    Tom ford sunglasses, regarded as the latest fashionable luxurious sunglasses in the world, are made in America. Although they are expensive, they are worthy the price because of the good quality, fashionable design and the comfortable feeling when wearing. Some of them are made in China because of the branch company in the developing country.

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