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Does wearing glasses cause really pimples?

I wonder will wearing glasses causes pimples? Why or why not?
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  • b2dar2dai2datt


    To a certain degree, wearing glasses will cause the pimples, but it will depend on where the pimples are and the material of your glasses, especially the frame of the glasses. As we all know, the pimple, also know as the acne, is a skin disease that is caused by the long-term close stuffy state, and also, the skin on our nose and both of our cheek are closely touch with our glasses. Consequently, If acne appears at nose bridge, then it may be caused by your glasses, because the glasses might press pore of nose bridge, block the blood to some extent. If so, you just need adjust your glasses. If it does not work, now you should check the glasses to know whether there are some dirty on your glasses, because if there are some things on the glasses which is allergic to your skin, then you will have the pimples. Then, you just need to clean your frame with wet tissue.
  • Ari


    This opportunity of causing pimples by wearing glasses is very little. If the glasses are made of metal or some other materials in the nose pad, you may be sensitive at the skin. That may be the reasons of the existence of pimples. You'd better choose the eyeglasses with the material that is not sensitive to your skin. Thus, it will not cause the pimples.
  • Catherine williams


    Yep, it could cause that. Acne is caused by plugged hair follicles, and the skin tends to produce more oil than normal. There is a direct relationship between wearing glasses and having acne outbreaks because the glasses could make it harder to keep skin clean. Clogged hair follicles are a huge acne trigger and glasses make it easier for oil, dead skin and dirt to remain on the skin and clog them up beneath the frame. The worse problem for people who wear large frames or have heavy frames and lenses that force the frame to rest more firmly against the skin.
  • Zoe Wang


    I cant be 100% sure, but pimple is not caused by things such as wearing glasses, using a phone pressed against your ear etc. I have been in the same situation where you get paranoid about acne and you blame everything, but please don't worry yourself unnecessarily.
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