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Can i rub my eyes when wearing contacts?

I feel itches and dry of my eyes. I want to rub my eyes. But there are contact lenses in my eyes. But it is really itches. you know, It's painful. IS it OK to rub my eyes when i wear contact lenses?
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  • charming_qtee


    Uh...if you feel your eyes are itching, pls find out the reasons instead of rubbing your eyes. As we all know, there are many bacteria on our hands, and when we are rubbing the eyes, the bacteria will come into our eyes, which will cause the eye infection. If you are a beginner to wear the contacts and the itching really annoy you, I think you had better put off your contact lenses because maybe your eyes are not comfortable with the lenses you bought, and then wash your eyes with the distilled water. Of course, if you are not stranger to your contacts and it's really annoying and painful, I suggest you go to hospital because your eyes should have been infected or allergic. Good luck!!
  • James


    You'd better not rub your eyes when you wear the contact lenses. The more times you rub, the more dry your eyes will feel. You'd better use the eyedrops which are mainly for the wearing of contact lenses to release the dry symptom. In addition, if you keep rubbing your eyes, the eyes may get infected. Thus, you'd better stop wearing the contact lenses for a while.
  • vincent


    It is ok for you to rub your eyes when you wear contact lenses. Normally, when you feel itches and dry of yours eyes, you can rub your eyes at will. Of course, you should rub your eyes gently and do not be too rude. But I also advice you to drip a few eye drops into your eyes when you feel itches and dry and avoid using your hand to rub your eyes. Because when your eyes are dirty, germ may easily have access to infect your eyes. What more, if you rub your eyes rudely, you may make your contact lenses slid your eyes. What is more, you should take down your eye contact lenses and clean it regularly.