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May Yong


Is wearing sunglasses indoors bad for your eyes?

I seldom hear people wear sunglasses. Most of people prefer to wear it outdoors especially in summer. Is wearing sunglasses indoors bad for eyes?
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  • christraper


    Firstly I'd like to tell you that it won't damage your eyes if you wear sunglasses inside, however , I wonder why people would like you wear them indoors? Sunglasses are good for your eyes in bright sunlight since they are made to protect them against harmful rays. Is there any harmful rays indoors that we need to wear sunglasses to protect against? I guess someone would like to wear sunglasses indoors for the brightness of the computer and TV, but why not just turn down it rather than using sunglasses. It won't damage our eyes if we wear sunglasses indoors, but it will make it more difficult to see, and we might find that we get eyestrain. But if you think it is necessary to wear sunglasses indoors, ok then ,just wear it.
  • William clive


    Nope, absolutely not. It maybe makes it harder for you to see clearly, though. As we all know, we are willing to wear the sunglasses outside because they are good for your eyes as they protect them against harmful rays. Then, if you want to wear your sunglasses indoor, just do it because there are not any side effects for you and your eyes. However, some doctor will recommend you wear sunglasses indoor if you can not sleep well because sunglasses can make you sleep earlier at night. Consequently, there is no need to worry about it, and no reason to worry about it.
  • Alexandria taylor


    Sunglasses themselves are designed to prevent ultraviolet ray and protect our eyes. Of course, we know that sunglasses are mainly used outdoor to prevent ultraviolet damaging our eyes ,but ,indoor, there is almost no ultraviolet. So, we do not need to wear them. Besides, the light here is dark, if you wear sunglasses, eyes will be very uncomfortable for a long time. Therefore, suggest you do not do that, after all, most people have not.