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Can i wear my prescription glasses when white water rafting?

I plan white water rafting in the morning. And i am very worry about my eyes since i wear my prescription eyeglasses all the time. Can i still wear my eyeglasses when white water rafting? Will i be safe and convenient? Or maybe my eyeglasses will getting off?
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  • Melissa garcia


    Personally, I do not suggest you wear your prescription glasses while white water rafting, because your glasses will be knocked of while rafting. Also, the water will come into your eyes; the result is that the bacteria will come into your eyes, which will cause the eye infection. Now maybe you are wondering what should you do if you can not see anything without your glasses, here I want to say there are some ways for you; you can wear the contact lenses if you have, then pls put on the goggles to prevent the water. The best way here is that you can buy a pair of goggles with prescription, which is convenient and safest. If you are still worried about it, you can buy the glasses straps to fasten your own glasses.
  • Richard M Fawcett


    From the healthy point, wearing the eyeglasses while doing white water rafting will do no harm for your eyes. But from the aspect of convenience, it will make you drop off your eyeglasses easily when you fall down from the big current. Thus, you'd better take it off and put the eyeglasses in your pocket, enjoy the feeling of excitement when falling down through the water flow.
  • Amenme


    Glasses with a strap are preferred, I also would suggest sports goggles over your glasses or contacts.