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DEREK Garrana


Can i wear my daily contact lenses for more than one day?

I have a pair of daily contact lenses. My friend told me the contact lenses only available for one day. Can i wear it for more than one day? What will happen if i wear it more than one day?
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  • cherrygaru


    Generally speaking, I strongly suggest you not do that, because the lenses are daily, which means you can just wear the contacts for one day. As I understand it, if you wear the daily contacts for more than one day, there will be many concerns; for example, it will increase the chance of infection, allergies and oxygen permeability because the cleaning solution for daily contact is not as good as the yearly contacts. Meanwhile, if you do that, I bet there will be many blood vessels which will interfere with your vision. More clarification, if you want to make your contacts more than one day, you can have a try with the monthly contacts or yearly.
  • cauliflowerbat


    You'd better not wear the daily contact lenses for more than one day. The durable time of each type of contact lenses have its own limited regulation based on the made mould. If you wear it over the limited time, the content of water of the contact lenses may not allow your eyes feel good. What's worse, it may make your eyes feel dry which may easily get infected.
  • Mackenzie raphael


    You would better not to wear daily lenses over 8 hours. The daily contacts lenses are the most softest lens among all the contacts fields. The strength of daily lenses can not stand for over one day, even when you pick it off, it has been distorted. Moreover, this kind of contacts contains full of water, but it will lose when you wear for a long time. Under such circumstance, the dry eyes symptom will happen. You will feel very uncomfortable when you wear it for the second time.

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