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How to get rid of sunken eyes?

I got sunken eyes. It is really boring. Can you tell me how to get rid of sunken eyes?
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  • walking_lives_


    You can remove sunken eyes based on the following three methods. Firstly, you can remove them based on nutrition supplement. The cause of sunken eyes is having slow blood flow, thus you can intake vitamin K to help you to improve blood flow to light the dark circles under the eyes. Or you can apply vitamin K directly to your skin via a skin moisturizer. At the same time, you should reduce intake of vitamin A due to it could cause the skin to darken. On the other side, you can use a hot compress on your eyes for 10 minutes, and you can change to a clod compress for another 10 minutes. Remember alternate between cold and hot compress until you see changes. Another effective and simple way is placing some food slice over your eyes, such as raw potato, cucumber, for 15 minutes. After that, you should drink at least 10 glasses of water to keep you hydrated.
  • Juan


    I don't know whether your sunken eyes are caused by the wearing of high prescription eyeglasses. If it is, you'd better do the eye exercises every day. If your sunken eyes are caused by the smoking a lot, you'd better stop smoking. In a word, keep good habit of using eyes.
  • leigh sehr


    There are many reasons to get sunken eys, such as wearing framed glasses, heavy dark circles or eye pouch. But luckily here i found many simple ways to get rid of it. First, keep enough sleep. Secold, try to massage eyes with ring finger each morning after wake up and evening before sleeping. Third, apply with ice bag. Obviously it is not suitble in winter so you should choose right time. Fourth, buy some good icecream can help too. However no matter what above you will do, you should be insist each day without no stop. This is the essence.
  • Zoe


    Firstly,apply over-the-counter topical treatments that contain vitamins C, E, A and K, recommends Natural News. Vitamin-rich treatments appear to improve the appearance of dark eye circles that create a sunken appearance. Apply treatments as directed and report irritation to your physician.Secondly, sleep. Pay attention to your sleep schedule. Sleep deprivation can quickly cause dark eye circles. Adults need a minimum of seven to nine hours of sleep each day, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Create a sleep schedule, going to bed and waking at about the same time daily.
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