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Austin shelley


How to tell if maui jim sunglasses are fake?

I want to buy maui jim sunglasses online because the price is cheaper. I am afraid that I may buy fake maui jim sunglasses. How can I spot maui jim sunglasses are fake?
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  • cupidityx


    With the development of society, many famous brands have the fake ones, including the maui jim sunglasses. Generally speaking, there are many ways that can help you spot the fake maui jim sunglasses. First of all, you can refer to the price you spend; as usual, the real maui jim sunglasses will cost you $100-$300, and if you just spend about $40 on the sunglasses, I think you should know they are fake. Besides, you can inspect the sunglasses carefully, then you can find some blemish on the frame and lenses of the sunglasses. If you are still not sure about it, you can call 1-888-666-5905 and tell them your serial No; the workers will help you find your wanted answer.
  • evilbethygirl


    The maui jim sunglasses, regarded as the best polarized sunglasses in the world, own the high price. They are the good choice for those guys who want to have sports activities. If you want to buy it online, you'd better see whether it is true from the brand print, manual work and detailed points. In addition, you can see the judgements of other customers who have bought from this online store to see whether it is true or false.