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Christian george


Is it normal to have eye floater at a very young age?

I just only 23 years old. But i often get eye floaters. Some people say that it is caused by myopia. Is that normal? Why?
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  • greg t


    The symptom of eyes floaters will represent the black dots which float follows the movements of your eyes, just like flying mosquito. The shape of the dots may be circle, oval, spot or threadiness. The vision will be effect by this symptom in certain extends. It may be caused by eye inflammation or intraocular hemorrhage. It may affect the retina and become worse. The allergies may cause the floaters. As young people, the causes of myopia are usually is the structure of wall of eyeball changed by the near reflex, the intra-ocular pressure increasing, and the eye axis elongated, then the axial myopia formed, the true myopia happened. The myopia has been caused by eye fatigue and lack of vitamin A, as well as wrong eye-healthy habits. So, the floater and myopia are totally different of the causing reason. Because there has usually existed two normal reasons to cause the floater, I suggest you go to doctor for check!
  • Rebecca


    Its not common to have eye floaters at a very young age but there is a possibility. But you do need to get them checked out if you see more of them than usual. My floaters turned out to be because of a detached retina which also led to two more detached retinas in both eyes and a cataract. Now my vision is pretty bad and I have constant huge floaters all the time that never really go away. So, just keep an eye on the amount of floaters.
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  • Angela


    No, it is not normal. The floaters in the eye may directly show you that you have the problems in your eyes. The long time use of eyes with little rest may cause the floaters in the eyes. You'd better go to see the doctor and use the eyedrops to release the symptom.
  • Trinity hill


    Of course not! It is absolutely abnormal for a youngster to develop eye floaters, I mean, they are supposed to happen to aged people, you understand? So, if you have got eye floaters, there must be something wrong with your health. Actually, I have myopia eyes, but eye floaters never happened on me. If your eye floaters are temporary, maybe they are resulted from your disordered lifestyle. But if they never cease to exist, I suggest you find a doctor and see what is wrong. Anyway, don`t leave your problem unresolved!