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Jonathan griffin


Can prescription glasses fix strabismus?

I know there are lots of eye disorders that can get help from eyeglasses. But i want to know if prescription eyeglasses help people with strabismus? Why?
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  • candylips167


    The glasses help, but not completely. Actually, when I was young, I was diagnosed with Strabismus which caused double vision and prevented binocular vision. Also I was annoyed by the Strabismus, so I want to cure it by surgery. However, I gave up the surgery because my doctor told me that wearing prescription can help me to make the Strabismus weaker, at last, it really worked. Then I googled the reason; I know that when you are wearing your eyeglasses, your prescription will lessen, and then your eye muscle gets stronger at the same time. Besides wearing the eyeglasses, you should have your eyes have a good rest at the certain time so that they are willing to help you to have a better view of the outside.
  • Jacqueline warren


    People with strabismus are usually born to be. And the prescription eyeglasses with special design can these people get the right vision and see things clearly. But the prescription eyeglasses can't cure people with strabismus. They just help them see clearly. If people with strabismus want to cure the disease, he has to accept the surgery.