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What are dangers of wearing ripped contact lenses?

Have you wearing ripped contact lenses? What are side effects of wearing it? Are they dangerous?
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  • cocreative


    LOL; I do not know why you want to wear the ripped contact lenses. If you want to have a try with the ripped ones, I think you will put yourself in danger, in other words, you will deserve what you have done. Everyone knows that the ripped lenses will hurt your eyes easily while the torn edges are scrapping across the eye, then you will feel uncomfortable at that time; of course, the result is that your eyes will be red, watery and irritated. Pls keep in mind, when you find these problems, you should put off your ripped lenses. If you insist on it, then the contacts can not help you with vision help instead your eyes vision will get cloudy. Now you should know the danger of wearing the ripped contacts.
  • Luis lewis


    Only from the contact lenses themselves, long-term wearing will produce a series of negative effects, not to mention the ripped contact lenses. Generally, it contains the following aspects, such as eyes resistance recession, visual fatigue, dry eyes, eye allergy, cornea damage and so on. In particular, contact lenses can be difficult to obtain prescription, leading to deepen degree year by year. So ,for ripped contact lenses you should pay much attention to your eyes, anyway, the eye is very important.
  • Hunter jackson


    It is very dangerous to wear the ripped contact lenses. As we all know, this covered eyeball eyeglasses base on their water content to make our eyes breathe the oxygen. However, when it is ripped, the scratch part may hurt our cornea. What's worse, the oxygen our eyes take in becomes less because of the broken part of the contact lenses. Thus, you'd better change the new ones.
  • WT


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