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What do you think about white colored sunglasses?

I want to buy white sunglasses to flatter my look. Are they in style in 2012 fall. What is your opinion about white sunglasses.
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  • Kyle kirk


    Eh..besides 2012, the white colored sunglasses have been popular for long time. As far as I can remember, since the sunglasses have come into being, the white color has been many people's choice. Nevertheless, as to the problem whether the white colored sunglasses suit well or not, here I just want to tell you every coin has two sides. In other words, you have to choose your skin color and face shape when you are choosing your wanted sunglasses. We all know, the white sunglasses fit your friends, which do not mean that you are beautiful with the white corlored sunglasses. As a matter of the fact, I strongly suggest you should try on the sunglasses that you want to buy. If the white sunglasses do not fit you, you can have a try with the black sunglasses, because the black is also popular and fashion.
  • carl


    Oh, I love white sunglasses, it really would flatter your look, and it is the fashion now. You know white would give you the feeling of clean and pure. And white is the universal color which would match every color of your cloth as well as your skin. It would be classic and keep popular for some years. However, take care of your white sunglasses, as it light colored. It is easy to get dirty and crash. So, as my opinion, only the people who cherish his staff well would have white color sunglasses to keep a long time.
  • Shelby harris


    Yeah, the white big frame sunglasses become a fashion in 2012 fall. From the visual aspect, they really rank the fashionable trend and make you look cool. We can see from many newspapers that many stars wear the white sunglasses to give the gestures. If you follow the fashion trend, you may have a try.
  • Zoe


    White sunglasses is very classic, since a lot of celebrities like to wear white sunglasses. The while color is bold and which will make you outstanding among others.
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