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Is leaving make-up on overnight bad for eyes ?

Is it true that leaving make-up on overnight is bad for eyes? If so, what are the side effects on eyes and our skin?
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  • Larry S


    Of course, it is bad for your eyes if you leave your makeup overnight. As we all know, there are many chemical in the makeup, if you leave them over night, especially the fake eyelashes and eyeliner, which will harm your eyes. If you are lucky, your eyes will just get infected, which will recover within a few days. However, if you are not a lucky dog, your eyes will get pink eyes. What's worse, the makeup on the eyes will promote the loose of the eyelashes. Besides the eyes, there are some other side effects on our skin. You know our skin needs to breathe during the night while sleeping. We do not clean up the makeup, which will stop the breath that resulting in the lack of water of our skins around eyes and face. As a matter of the fact, no matter how late it is and how lazy you are, you should clear up the makeup considering your health of your eyes and skins.
  • Dylan duncan


    Well, it seems that you would like to use eye makeups on a regular basis, anyway you should know that they are sometimes harmful to both our eyes as well as our skin, because they could impede our skin from metabolism and of course are harmful to our skin because they are made up of chemicals, also, they are harmful to our eyes because such chemicals would irritate our eyes, causing pink eyes or some other problems.
  • vincent


    Well, of course, it will be bad for your eyes and the skin. First, because the make-up is usually made from chemicals, it will do harm to your eyes. Generally speaking, it will make your eyes become dry. Also, the make-up will make your eyes not breathe in the evening. In that way, it will also carry a lot of bacteria, and then lead to eye infection. So your eyes will suffer many eye diseases, such as pink eyes and red eyes. Also, it will be bad for your skin too, for it will make your skin not breathe, and also, it will just damage the cells of the skin. Anyway, just stop leaving make-up over night.
  • Rebecca


    I've heard that sleeping in eye makeup can cause irritation and infection, so it's best to remove each night before going to bed. I recommend a washcloth with very warm, almost hot water and press it against your eyes, this "steams" all the makeup off!
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