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How to take care of my oakley sunglasses?

I have bought a pair of Oakley sunglasses. It is expensive, but i like it. Can you give me some idea to take care of my Oakley sunglasses so as to make it last for a long time? Thanks
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  • Benjamin


    Firstly, keep them in their own case when you don't need them, don't drop them or leave them anywhere else.Secondly, be very careful when you clean your glasses. Use warm water with eyeglass cleaner. When you want to wipe them, use only microfiber cloths please, don't wipe them with your shirt or something like that. At last, when you find any dust or spots on the lenses, please use the Oakley cloth to get rid of them, don't scratch the lenses. there are something you can buy on the internet for your Oakley glasses: Oakley Microbags Oakley Soft Vault Case Oakley lens cleaning kit Oakley Wire Vault case
  • b3autiful___


    The key point is to keep your sunglasses clean and free of scratches. You can get a oakley lens cleaning kit the Microbag which are both easy to use and economical for cleaning and protecting your eyewear. Once you get them, you just need to do daily cleaning work with the kit and then store your sunglasses inside the microclear bag. It is both convenient and safe. Besides, there is a mini screwdriver in the cleaning kit, which you can use to lightly tighten loose screws on your frame. Those two things are the perfect group for oakley sunglasses protection.
  • Juan


    As we all know, oakley sunglasses are very expensive but everyone loves them, because they are quite fashion. Consequently, many guys are trying to find the ways to take care of the oakley sunglasses. In fact, we just need do what you should do, such as cleaning them and wearing them. As to washing the oakley, you just need to wash then with the tap water and mild soap, and then of course you should dry them. Besides, in daily time, you should know you do not drop them, don't sit on them, don't leave them lying around outside of a case when you don't need to. Then, the most important you should pay much attention to the lenses--not to scratch the lenses--especially with many Oakleys, which is mostly happen when you are wrapping your sunglasses. Last but not the least, when you finished wearing them in a day, you should clean the dust and dirty, because many dust like your Oakley also.
  • Daniel christian


    If you want to take good care of your oakley sunglasses, the first thing for you to do is using the box to keep it when you don't wear it. Or else, it may get scratched when you have no intention. Then, you should clean it when it gets dirty. You'd better go to the glasses store to have the washing on the eyeglasses. If you can promise to do the above two tips, the sunglasses will absolutely be kept well.

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