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How to properly clean contact lens case?

I know that contact lenses need to clean everyday. But should i clean my contact lenses cases? And how?
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  • hanes3777


    The contact lenses case plays an important role in wearing the contacts, because you know the contact lenses case is the home of the contacts. When you used them for some time, you should wash and clean them. As usual, you should wash your contacts case with tap water, pls note not boiled water. Then you can let the contact lens case dry in the air. At last, you should wash the case with the solutions, and then you can use it to store the contact lenses. Although you can wash and clean the case, I strongly suggest you change and replace the case every three months, which is very essential point which we should keep in mind.
  • fergus


    Yes, you should clean them. Firstly, you have to wash and dry your hands, and you take out your contact lenses from each case. You can put your contact lenses in two separate bowls. Then, you should empty your lens case by pouring it down the drain. After this step, you rinse your lens case and cover in hot running water to destroy bacteria. Next, you scrub the case with a clean and unused toothbrush and hot water. In the following, you rinse and dry the lens case. At last, you fill in contact lenses solution and put your contact lenses back in.
  • walkercub76


    Of course, you should clean your contact lenses cases every day just like cleaning your contact lenses. We are suggested to use hot water to clean the contact lenses cases because the hot water has the function of killing bacterium. However, you can also use the solution to wash the contact lenses cases. Whatever you use from the above two types, you should do it everyday.

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