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David garcia


Does rubbing my eyes cause eye floaters?

I read online somewhere that rubbing eyes too much lead eye floaters. Is there any evidence show that?
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  • george


    Pls no worries, because rubbing your eyes will not cause the eye floaters. Acorrding to the expert, the reason causing the floaters do not include the rubbing eyes. As we all know, eye floaters will annoy us, and most of us have treated it as a disease. If you have eye floaters, you should go to hospital. Generally speaking, floaters can be divided into physiological floaters and pathological floaters, and there are many reasons that can cause the eye floaters, for example, with the age increasing, you will have the floaters. If you have the physiological floaters, it maybe be caused by the exceed use of your eyes, then you just need have a rest. Meanwhile, if you have the pathological floaters, you should take some medication. Nevertheless, you had better not rub your eyes too frequently, which will make your eyes hurt with inflammation.
  • Nicholas carter


    The eye floaters are usually caused by the dryness and infection from the dust or the computer radiations and so on. However, if you keep on rubbing your eyes with dirty hands, the bacterium will invisibly come into your eyes which may cause the eye infection. Thus, you'd better not rub your eyes often.
  • Jack percy


    As a matter of fact, eye floaters are not resulted from rubbing eyes, they are really a kind of serious disease. Perhaps sometimes people will mistakenly attribute eye floaters to rubbing eyes too much, however, they are derived from other diseases. Typically, rubbing eyes does little harm to eyes, but other disorder will give rise to eye floaters. But, you should avoid rubbing eyes too much, because anything is possible, ok? If you've got eye floaters, go immediately to see a doctor.