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How to remove calcium deposits from eyelids?

I find white bumps on my eyelids. My doctor told me it is calcium deposits. So, How to get them out of my eyelids? Any idea?
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  • Ethan walker


    Calcium deposits can appear in anywhere in your body. If calcium deposits on the skin, it doesn't matter. But if deposits on bones or other moving parts inside your body, you must pay attention because they can cause pain. So first, you should take it easy as it isn't a big deal to have deposits in your eyelids. Second, you can see a specialist eye doctor to remove them. Doing this with the help of anesthetic eye drops, you will feel painless. Or you can use your fingernails or tweezers or needle to pinch calcium deposits. But this is more dangerous. Third, you can use a numbing gel or some oral treatments to get rid of deposits. This will help. Fourth, you can apply a massage therapist to remove calcium deposits. Maybe they may reabsorb back into your body naturally.
  • christensengirl


    Calcium deposits are usually caused by underlying health conditions that increase the amount of calcium produced by the body. This may include excessive vitamin D intake, renal complications, lupus, hyperthyroidism or a simple genetic inheritance. Calcium deposits are often not problematic, but deposits that are particularly irritable may be removed through surgery.Surgery for the removal of a calcium deposit in the eye is generally successful, and it is carried out using a topical anesthetic. The process involves scraping the calcium deposits away, using a surgical laser to smooth the lens of the eye and restoring normal vision if it is required.Some natural remedies include rinsing the eyes with washes composed of olive oil or aloe vera, but they are not considered effective by medical professionals.
  • Anome


    I don't suggest you do this by yourself by squeezing or other methods because the eye part is so weak that will be easily get hurt. You'd better go to the hospital and ask the professional one do this for you. You could also ask the doctor whether there is the way of taking the medicine to get rid of this calcium deposits. Such way may be effective and safe.
  • Zoe


    Excess calcium deposits in the soft tissues around the eye often make the eye look tired. You can try removing calcium from the diet. This includes dairy products, fruit juices fortified with calcium, and foods rich in vitamins A and D, which can cause cells to retain calcium. Once your body detoxifies and the appropriate level of calcium is restored, the deposits should disappear and the tired appearance should improve.
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  • walker


    You can first check if the Calcium deposits occur on the outside skin or inside skin of your eyelids. If the calcium deposits internal, you need get help from doctor. If it is on the surface of your eyelids, you can remove it your own. You can pinch an exterior calcium deposit with your fingernails or tweezers, or you can just poke the deposit with a needle.
  • Mandy bacon


    Can I c a special doc that can take them off my eye lids