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May Yong


Does Lenscrafters fix glasses for free?

I broke the temps of my eyeglasses. Can i take to lenscrafters to fix it without charge? Will Lenscrafters provide free fix?
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  • cheryl


    My dear friend, first of all, you should bring your loved glasses to the place where you bought them, because your glasses' birth place know well about them. Of course, if you bought them from the Lenscrafters shop, and they are during the warranty period, the Lenscrafters will fix them free for you. On other words, if you bought the glasses at other shop instead of Lenscrafters, and you still want to take them to Lenscrafters to fix, then it will depend on how does your glasses broken. For example, the Lenscrafters shop will not charge you in the event of the fact that only the screw is loosen.
  • Joseph campbell


    Basically, if you buy the eyeglasses from the lenscrafters, it should fix the eyeglasses for you for free. But the real situation is still unknown to me. You'd better call their store and ask the client there. Then you decide whether you choose to fix your eyeglasses in that store.

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