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Debbie Morton


Are mangoes good for my eyesight?

I heard that mango is good to help eyes. Is that true? Can eating mangoes help my eyesight?
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  • Derek T.


    Mango contains the large amount of vitamin A which reaches as high as 3.8%. As we know, the vitamin A is good for your eyes. So eating mango can brighten your eye. At the same time, the vitamin C content in mango is also more than that in the orange strawberry fruit. Thus eating some mango can enhance the immunity of the human body. Mango has very high medicinal value, especially for those people with uncomfortable stomach and those often have thirsty vomiting nausea symptoms. Eating mango has certain help in the body function. Eating mango will have the antiphlogistic effect. You will make the voice round after eating the mango. In a word, the mangoes are the good food which could be good for your health in both body and eyes. However, some people aren't adapted to eating it because of the irritating character.
  • charles


    It seems that you would like to improve your eye health in a natural way. So, as a matter of fact, it is true that mangoes could benefit your eyes because it contains an awful lot of vitamin A and C, both of which are of great importance to your eye health. Just take some regularly and have a balanced diet. But, you should not rely on it, you also have to care about your eyes in other aspects.


    Yeah, you are right, eating mangoes will help you with your eyesight, including increase your eyesight. As we all know, our eyesight has something to do with the vitamin A, that is to say, if you the vitamin A you take in is not enough, your eyesight is likely nearsighted. According to the research, a cup of the sliced mangoes will supply 25%of the needed daily value of vitamin A, which will do much benefit for our eyesight. In addition, eating mangoes frequently can help us to reduce the possibility of night blindness and dry eyes, itching as well. Apart from the vitamin A, the mangoes also contain some other nutrition, such as the Vitamin B6, and Vitamin E. As we all know that the vitamin E is very helpful for our eyes. As a matter of the fact, we sincerely hope you can eat enough mangoes so that we will have good eyesight. Hope my ideas can help you.
  • Rebecca


    Mango is rich in vitamin A. One cup of sliced mangoes equals 25% intake of your daily need of vitamin A. Mangoes help in promoting good eye sight, fights dry eyes and also prevent night blindness.
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  • Lisa


    Are mangoes good for bad peripheral vision? Lisa