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Does witch hazel help dark circles under eyes?

Will witch hazel help to reduce dark circles under eyes? How ?
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  • cookie127


    Dark circles under eye can be a pain in the neck and make you look unhealthy and tired, thus the emergency of removing it. Yes, witch hazel can help to reduce dark circles under eyes. Known as a natural astringent, witch hazel extract is a perfect side-effect-free remedy for dark circles under the eyes. It can sooth inflammation and reduce discoloration and swelling. It is very easy to use witch hazel for your dark circles. All you need is a bottle of witch hazel extract and cotton pads or balls. First, soak the cotton pad into the witch hazel extract and then apply it to the affected area. You have to leave the soaked pad on the affected area for a minimum of 20 minutes before it takes effect. Twice a day is okay, if you want to speed up the recovery. After several consecutive days of use, you will amazingly find your dark circles are beginning to fade or even disappear. Witch hazel extract is abundantly available in Health and Fitness shops or drugstores. Online retailers are also offering quality witch hazel extract. You do what you need! Good luck with the recovery!
  • elizabeth_starz


    Yeah, witch hazel will help to reduce your dark circles under the eyes which are caused by the lack of sleep, too much water intake before the sleep or other unhealthy life habits. Containing the releasing function, the witch hazel will stimulate the blood circulation around your eyes which will disperse your dark circles. If you have the dark circles, you can adopt the little part of the witch hazel around the eyes.