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Why are my contact lenses so uncomfortable?

My contact lenses make me feel so uncomfortable. Why? Shall i need sometime to adjust to it?
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  • walkbyfth


    Many reasons may cause this solution. Firstly, the newly-bought contacts should be immersed in lens care solution at least 48 hours before wearing it, or your eyes will feel uncomfortable easily, and under this circumstance, you need some time to adjust it. Secondly, you may have been tricked into buying inferior contacts, if so please stop wearing the contacts right now. Thirdly, the contacts are not suitable for your eyes, the base curve of contacts is bigger or smaller than your eyeballs'. Another sad reason may be eye infection, you are likely to develop a mild inflammation in the eyes, please pay attention to eye health.
  • Angela


    The first thing that you should do is to check your contact lenses. Make sure that they are okay. No any damaged. Second think over whether your contact lens store syrup is expired or not. Well, if all these things are fine, then your eye condition must be a consideration to lead to your comfortable. Talking with an oculist to determine the root reasons. Do not take any self-care before you get known the causes. Plus, take off your conatct lens when you feel unwell as soon as possible to avoid being infected.
  • walfor


    When you feel that your contact lenses make you feel not comfortable, you should stop wearing it. Or else, it may make your eyes become serious. You should make sure that your eyes are suitable to wear the contact lenses. Wearing contact lenses will make your eyes be dry. You need to stop wearing it and keep the health of the eyes. After that you could wear your contact lenses again.
  • Kayleigh Jewell


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