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Alisa O.


Why can't one of my eyes open fully?

It is so strange that one of my eyes can't open fully, When i focus something, my left eyes always quint so as to see more clearly. Why?
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  • Angela


    Well,I have to say that ur situation is really very strange.U know,some people do have ur situation.I have seen a lot of sayings about this situation.However,in terms of me,I think this is very possible caused by eye strain,eye stress or even eye pressure.Do u often work by the computer?Or do u usually work late into the night?Do u use ur eye too much?If u have any one of them,then I can understand why u get this symptom.What I can only tell u is to get enough sleep every day.And try to get ur eyes a good rest as much as possible.
  • Matthew baker


    It sounds that you suffered from squint eyes. Squint eyes is also known as strabismus. To treat it, you can use prescription eyeglasses to correct the eyes. But eyeglasses can't cure it. Besides, maybe eye patch may help exercise your left eyes that may improve your eyes. Hope this work for you.

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