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Is wearing glasses actually bad for your eyes ?

I am nearsighted and need eyeglasses for vision aids. But my grandfather said that wearing glasses can make my vision more worse. Really? Is wearing glasses actually bad for the eyes?
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  • Colleen


    Different people hold different ideas about whether wearing glasses is bad or good to our eyes. However, based on the professional knowledge, we should wear our glasses, because if you are nearsighted without a pair of glasses, your eyes will become tired soon when you watch something too long. What's worse, if your eyes remain tired too long, you will get a more serious eyesight problem. Finally, Glasses themselves don't actually make your eyesight worse or better. That is to say, you'd better wear your glasses when you are reading or doing something else.
  • Sherri H


    In fact, wearing eyeglasses won't cause any damages to the eyes, Eyeglasses are just tool to help people focus better. They can't cure nearsightedness. Also, they can't make your eyes worse. However, if you get used to wear glasses, you may feel difficult to see things without wearing eyeglasses.