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Melanie gerard


Why is my vision blurry after i hit myself in the eye by mistake?

I didn't noticed that there is glass wall in front of me. So, i got a hit on my fore head. But i got vision blurry right now. Why? Is it serious? Shall i go to a hospital?
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  • Jocelyn griffin


    I am sorry to heard it. Since you feel blurry vision from the hit, you may have a contusion. That is to say that you got a brusie on the brain because of the hit. See a doctor as soon as possible. Check your eyes right now in case that you got more unknown and serious injuries from the hit. Hope you will be OK soon.
  • ea4ever2end


    Actually this is very hard to answer.Because I am not sure how bad ur eye got hurt.First of all,u need to know that no matter u get hurt badly or just get hurt slightly.It is very normal that u get blurry vision after ur so called hit.If it is just a slight hit,then u don't need to worry too much.U might as well give urself a cool compress and rest ur eyes for about one hour or two.And then ur vision will just go back to normal.However,if u think u really get hurt that bad,then I can only strongly suggest u to go to see an eye doctor as soon as possible.
  • Jerry H.


    As far as i know, people got optic nerve injury from an accident that probably suffered from vision blurred. This is because optic nerve injury can cause a range of vision changes by affecting all aspects of sight. But don't worry too much. Usually, blurry vision from a head hit is normal. And some slight hit can cause blurry vision for a minutes and won't cause serious damage. But if you feel blurry vision for a long time, you must go a hospital and have your head checked.

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