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Michelle percy


I lost vision in my one eye trying to treat something, should I make the other eye match?

I was putting brilla in my eye, the green spray. It wasn't to treat my eye, but anyway it can be bad for living things, but not me. So anyway I had been putting the green liquid in my eye and eventually now one is off to bits. They make my body rot more, causing such a bother. I don't want to see any one of them, my workers know but they didn't like it but are OK. Should I keep the use of the cleaner?
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  • Brooke peters


    I also think you shouldn't’t keep the use of the cleaner. What's brilla? I have never heard about that before. Did your doctor prescribe that kind of cleaner to you? For what? Darling, if you have some eye problems, you'd better visit your eye doctor immediately and ask for appropriate treatment. You just said that the brilla can be bad for living things. Do you mean viral or bacteria in your eyes? It is really hard to understand this because I have no idea about your eye condition. So I can only suggest you to see an eye doctor immediately. Good luck!
  • Mackenzie rose


    Please have your eyes checked by an eye doctor immediately. Don't spray solutions in your eyes randomly or you will hurt your eyes. Please stop using that kind of cleaner and apply for appropriate treatment immediately. Hope you will be fine soon.

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