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Will rubbing the eyes affect the iris?

Sometimes, i rubbing my eyes. But my mom told me not to do it because it can affect iris of my eyes. Really? Can rubbing eyes really damage iris?
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  • tommy


    It is seldom to hurt your iris by rubbing the eyes. However, rubbing eyes is not a good habit and it is bad for the eyes. In common, people rubbing the eyes because they feel discomfort in the eyes such as dry eyes and itchy eyes. In fact, rubbing eyes can't really release dry or itchy in the eyes. If you feel discomfort in your eyes, you can apply some medical treatment or apply eye drops. Hope this can help.
  • Kristy


    Well,this can happen.But I can not say this for sure.Actually nearly everyone rubs his eyes.Of course rubbing eyes is not a good habit and sometimes this can even lead to a series of serious eye infection.As far as what I know, rubbing eyes can easily cause one's eyes to get quite sensitive and dry.I know that there r some sayings about rubbing eyes.U should never count on those sayings about good for rubbing eyes.Totally nonsense.If u don't pay enough attention,u may even get some kinds of serious eye damage cuz of that.