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Matthew baker


What to use for eye inflammation ?

I guess that i got eye inflammation. My eyes are swelling and red. What shall i do? How can i reduce the eye inflammation?
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  • Pete


    In common, eye inflammation can be caused by bacterial or allergies. And patient may suffered from aching, painful, red and swelling eyes. Also, some patient may even experience from blurred vision, and sensitive to light. To treat it, you can apply cold compress to help you reduce pain, red and swelling symptoms. Then, applying some antibiotic eye drops to help heal the inflammation eyes. If you have a very serious inflammation, you'd better consult an doctor.
  • Miranda hall


    Do not worry too much when u get eye inflammation.U should realize that it is really very common for people to get eye inflammation.I surely know that it is very uncomfortable to get this.But I can assure u that there r actually some ways for u to get this solved.In most cases,eye inflammation happens because of eye allergies,an eye infection and something else.What u need to do is to get urself a good rest and let ur eyes breathe fresh air as much as possible.

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