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Why my eyes feel weird when i get up from my chair?

After watching TV, My eyes feel so weird when i get up from my chair, My eyes, feel burning and something like dry eyes. Why?
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  • Makayla


    From your description, the discomfort in your eyes may caused by tiredness because of watching TV for a long time. It is normal and not a big problems. Don't worry, blink your eyes to keep them moist and then take a rest for a while. Your eyes will recover several minutes latter.
  • Melanie smith


    It sounds not a big problem. It could be eye strain from watching TV. In common, the eyes will feel tired after contentious focusing in one hour. So, you are suggested to take a break after watching TV every one hour. Take a eye rest. Or you can do a eye exercise to help your eyes relax. If your eyes still feel weird or dry, you can apply some lubricating eye drops to help the eyes.