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Jason warren


How often should you get an eye exam?

I have myopia and often wearing eyeglasses. My friend said that i shall get an eye exam regularly so as to know my eyes condition and treat my eyes in early time. Really, shall i do that? How often should you get an eye exam?
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  • Trinity


    It depends on your age and eye condition. For common people with healthy eyes, you can take eye exam every two year. But for people at the age from 20 to 39, you can take an eye exam every year to keep their prescriptions current. For people who are over 40 years old, they may associated with problems of cataracts, macular degeneration, glaucoma and presbyopia. You'd better take eye exam half a year a time.
  • walkingrain


    The last time i take an eye exam for prescription in order to fit my eyeglasses, the eye doctor tell me that i shall take eye exam every year. It can check if my prescription changes so as to fitting my eyeglasses. Besides, taking eye exam can also detect other potential eye problems or diseases in early time. Even if you have perfect vision, you take eye exam no less than once every two years.

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