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Do you have a gold ring around your eyes?

It's not near the pupil but it's like around the outside of the brown part. BTW, my eyes are dark brown. does it mean anything wrong with my eyes or does everyone have this?
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  • Tracy


    I heard that hazel eyes will change color according to different situations. It is because their eyes act as a mirror so that they can reflect the color of our cloth or something else. But to most of us, our eyes won't change color dramatically nor have a gold ring. If this happens, you'd better have your eyes checked to see whether it is a starting sign of some potential health problems.
  • dora dora


    You may have too much of an elemental metal in your system, particularly if you are male--look up hemochromatosis, and check with your doctor. Iron and copper can build up in your system, and a ring around the iris (the colored part of your eye) is a diagnostic feature.
  • Robert Potter


    There is an easy way to check out this. Just Google some images of eyes and compare them with your eyes. If you can find some similar cases, your eyes are fine and you don't need to worry about this. Isn't it a good idea? dude
  • Kaylee tuener


    No, I don't. I have black eyes. Some people have brown eyes. Maybe the people with lighter eye color may have that kind of rings. But I totally have no idea about this. So I guess you may need to ask your doctor or have your eyes checked if you think there is something wrong with your eyes.