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Jack taylor


What do you put on a black eye?

I got a black eyes by an accident. What shall i do? What can i use on my black eyes? Can i use cucumber to reduce my black eyes?
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  • Brandon cook


    I am so sorry that you got a black eyes. In common, people with black eyes from a hit usually accompany with puffiness and purple circles around the eyes, you can use cold compress to reduce the puffiness. Then, apply cucumber to lighten the skin around the eyes. Also, you can apply some products that contain Vitamin C to help your black eyes healing. Hope this work.
  • chemicalumnesnt


    It is really bad to have black eyes. And it take several days to get rid of black eyes. Apply cold compress to reduce the pain and puffiness from the accident. Then, you can apply some eye cream to massage the skin around the eyes gently. It may help removing black eyes. Good luck.