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What's it called when your eyes go out of focus randomly?

Help!!! My eyes will have trouble staying focused sometimes.
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  • c_wilde


    Maybe you are too tired. Sometimes my eyes go out of focus when I am too tired. And they hurt too. Besides, I also can't focus my mind. But these symptoms will disappear after I have a good rest. So maybe you also need to have a good rest if you feel tired.
  • Ricardo Alawin


    I don't know what this is called.However, if you are not diabetic or have high blood sugar, a very likely reason may be dehydration - easiest cure will be to drink large amount of water and learn to always keep your body hydrated. High sugar? you are still lucky your body mechanism is directly telling you your sugar level is creeping up due to a recent consumption of high sugar. Generally this tapers off as your sugar level starts to decrease and your vision improves again. Obtain a glucometer and test your sugar level when the eyes start to feel blurry. See a doctor
  • Anon


    Many people with adhd often do this, but it is also a very common thing to do as a normal human being, especially when your eyes are tired or working overtime
  • manny


    Tiredness may lead to this. But I still suggest you to have your eyes checked to see if there is a problem. Or sometimes it means that you may need to buy a pair of glasses to help you with this.
  • Rebecca


    Maybe you are tired or you are drunk, since I have the same problem once I am tired enough and drunk. If you do not have these problem, it may be caused by the eye problem. So please go to see a doctor immediately.
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  • Paige williams


    If you are extremely drunk, you may suffer from this too. But if this happens to you when you are sober, you may need to see an optometrist immediately. Hope this helped!
  • Joshua Hanna.


    This has happened to me before cause I was tired, if it was after October 2020 then i would be able to drink.