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Jada shelley


How to give yourself a black eye?

I want to get a black eyes for purpose for a play. Can you tell me how get that look. I don't want to get really hurt for my eyes.
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  • cnpriest


    Clever boy. Some people may think that they have to punch themselves to get a black eyes. In fact, there is another way to get a black eyes-eye makeup. It can give you a black eyes without any hurt for the eyes. It is very easy. You can first use black eye pencil around the entire eye socket. Then, cover the "black" eyes with dark purple eyeshadow. At last, apply some red eyeshadow or lipstick around on the socket. Then, you can have a "black" eyes.
  • campbell


    Wow,u r funny.U need a black eye for a play?To play as what role?A man who gets hit in the eye?LOL,sorry,joke ends here.I guess I can provide u with some good ways to make this happen.Well,if u r a boy,then I guess u need to borrow some makeup from ur friend.Besides,I don't think u can complete this urself.U had better ask one of ur female friends for help.U need some deep colored eye shadow to be applied to ur eyes so that ur black eye will look very lively.

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