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Gregory A Meetze


Are Visine artificial tears good for dry eyes?

My eyes feel so dry and pain. What shall i do? I heard Visine artificial tears can help the eyes. Are Visine artificial tears really good for dry eyes? Any suggestion?
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  • Jen


    Yes, Visine artificial tears is commonly used for dry eyes. But you shall know that Visine artificial tears can only work for keep release dry eyes. However, they can't cure dry eyes. So, if you have chronic dry eyes, you'd better consult an eye doctor if it is blocked tear duct. If so, you shall take measure to treat it instead of using Visine artificial tears
  • Alexandria taylor


    Yes, in fact, there are lots of people using Visine artificial tears to treat dry eyes and release tired eyes. I use them sometimes. And it work good to release dry and tired eyes temporarily. However, using Visine artificial tears is not a good way to treat dry eyes because it can't cure dry eyes. And you shall not use the eye drops 3 times more in a day for the health of your eyes.