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Is there a cure for dark circles under eyes?

I have dark eye circles under my eyes. How can i reduce it? Any suggestion?
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  • Jocelyn david


    1. Drink a lot of water at day time and a little at night; 2. Do not stay up at night and have enough time sleep at night; 3. Try apply a Vitamin K cream, which can help you make the dark circles less visible. 4. Make up can make the dark eye circles unvisible, if it’s an emergency, you can try it. And have a regular life style can help you prevent dark circles.
  • coppercoconut19


    Well, it seems that you are very unhappy with your problem with eyes. Generally speaking, it would make people less confident and ugly to have a pair of dark circled eyes. And that is resulted from multiple reasons, and you must try to figure out what led to your dark circles, such as lack of sleep, staying up late, lack of vitamins, or just some other disorders. Also, try to get some cosmetics that is designed for dark circles.
  • Faith cook


    Black circle under the eyes bothers many people, and many methods have been taken to reduce it. First you have to find out what causes the black circle. Mostly, it's caused by lacking of sleep, so get enough sleep is the first thing you have to do. Another cause for black circle is allergies. If you have allergy, treat it. A blocked nose can also cause black circle for it dark and dilate the veins around your sinuses. There are some natural remedies which may help you reduce the black circle. Cucumber slices are very useful when you cover them on your closed eyes for about ten to fifteen minutes. A much easier method is put a spoon which has been put in the freezer ten to fifteen covering you eyes, the cold and reduce the black circle.

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