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Justin fergus


How to treat bloodshot eyes after a fall?

I fell off the ladder this morning but bot hurt badly, but my eyes get really very red now. Do you guys know how to treat bloodshot eyes after a fall?
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  • Mya harris


    You need to have the good rest for the eyes. You could use the eye drops to moisture the eyes. You should use the eye drops with anti-inflammation. You could choose the warm compress as the good home remedy to make your eyes become moisture and comfortable. You should better eat more food with vitamin C to moisture the eyes. You should have the good rest and healthy diet.
  • Caitlin owen


    Take it easy, according to what you have described, you get bloodshot eyes due to an inflammatory response to injury. You can rinse your bloodshot eyes with a gentle flow of warm to cool water, which can not only remove irritants which may be bothering your eye but also bring you the relief of moisturizing. After the rinsing, you can pat your eyes dry with a clean cloth and drip some over-the-counter eye drops or artificial tears to your eyes. During this phase, do not smoke and avoid hanging out in the smoky places or areas with airborne particulates such as sawdust and steel dust. Getting plenty of sleep and eating a healthy diet rich of vitamin A and vitamin E can keep your eyes resistant to infections. Drinking more water can also do good to you. Do not wear contact lenses and rub your eyes with hands as you are experiencing bloodshot eyes. If you feel worried and consider it a more serious condition, you can make an appointment with your doctor. Wish you better soon.
  • Rachel Roberson


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