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  • My grandma got diabetes, but now her vision becomes worse and worse, does diabetes cause eye damage? Why?
    In Eye Health -Asked by : campbell -2 answers -07/29/2013
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  • I got some vision problems since I have diabetes. Can you tell me what does diabetes do to our eyes? Is there any way to help solve the vision problems?
    In Vision Problems -Asked by : Jonathan -3 answers -09/03/2013
  • I was diagnosed to have diabetes yesterday. Some people told me that I will suffer from eye problems at the same time. really? What eye problems will diabetes cause? How to avoid them?
    In Vision Problems -Asked by : edward -2 answers -09/04/2013
  • I have diabetes. But I don't have glaucoma now. Will diabetes cause glaucoma in the end? I just doubt about that how diabetes causes glaucoma? How to prevent this? Any ideas?
    In Eye Health -Asked by : walkthewalk46 -2 answers -09/08/2013
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  • I have diabetes. And I am suffering from glaucoma too. But it is not very serious. I want to know whether the glaucoma will go worse with my age. Will diabetes cause acute glaucoma? How to prevent it?
    In Eye Health -Asked by : Gabriella -2 answers -09/09/2013
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