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Arianna griffin


Does hair color change eye color?

People say that hair color can definitely change people' s eye color. Is that true?
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  • Connor


    As far as i know, hair color can change the color of the eyes. The eye color is deiced by gene when you born. And there is no other way that can change it. But the hair color and clothes color as well as the environment can affect people's visual on your eye color. It may mislead others that your eye color has changed by hair color. So, you don't worry that your eye color will change by hair color.
  • walkthewalk46


    Actually the hair color will not change people's eye color which is determined by the genetic genes. The color of the eyes is not changed easily. If you have the problems at the body health, your eyes' color may change. Thus, if you find that your eyes change the color, you should check whether you have the problems at the body health. You should better go to see the doctor and have the full check.
  • Marissa edward


    No, generally speaking, it is not quite true that hair color could change eye color. The eye color of human beings depends on the color of the iris, which is determined by the amount of pigment contained in the iridic chromocyte. The more pigment the iridic chromocyte contains, the deeper the color of the iris is. And likewise, the less, the lighter. And the amount of pigment in the iridic chromocyte usually is consistent with that of the human skin, which is ralated with the ethnic heredity. As to the color of hair, it is determined by the pigment granules generated by the chromocyte of the hair papilla in the skin, which is determined not only by heredity but also by the whole health conditions of the human beings. If the people suffer from malnutrition or over anxiety, their hair might probably changes and become becomes yellow or brown, while the eye color may not change .