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Can staring at a computer cause bad vision?

Can anyone tell me if it will be bad for my eyes by staring at a computer for such a long time?
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  • Noah


    Yes. stating at computer screen in a long time is bad to eyes. It is likely to cause dry eyes , strain eyes, red eyes and tired eyes etc. But it is not a big problems, it will recovery after good rest. But if you constantly cause strained eyes from computer screen, it may cause myopia as time goes by. Therefore, for sake of our eye health, we need constantly break when we work/study/play on computer. Besides, drinking enough water and blink eyes now and then can help our eyes keep moist. Hope this can help you.
  • Caleb may


    The answer is yes certainly, staring at a computer for such a long time can give rise to bad vision obviously. From the scientific point, the people who star at a computer are easier to have vision problems compared with others, which means, the longer they get in touch with computer, the more possible their eyes will be harmful due to a long time radiation. In addition, it will make your eyes stress and also have the dry eyes. There is a professional explanation, too many radiations are absolutely damage to our eyes, and will give rise to the changes of our retina's radian. Accordingly, as far as i am concerned, it's totally no problems to enjoy your free time, but moderating in the time is also necessary for the sake of your eyes. Just do eye exercise every day and have eye check regularly.
  • Jada


    Yes, staring at a computer for a long time is bad for your eyes. Because when you stare at a computer for a long time without rest, you blink your eyes less and the tear duct secretes less oil, so it is likely to develop dry eyes, you will feel pain and discomfort in your eyes. Exposed to computer screen for a long time, your eyes will feel fatigue and the axis oculi extend, resulting in the decrease of vision. What's worse, some even develop keratitis or conjunctivitis. When you have to stare at computer, you had better adjust the computer screen to ten to twenty centimeters below the level at which eyes look at the front horizontally. And avoid using computer in a bright environment and beside the window. After staring at computer for about one hour, you need to rest your eyes for five to ten minutes in case of eye fatigue. Set a humidifier in the room to increase the moist. Blink frequently as much as you can.